Summer/ Fall Training-  UPDATED 8/22/2017

The following training will be offered by Division A.  Please call Andover office to sign up.   For all courses students are to attend with Notebooks, Incident Response Pocket Guide, 2 Blue Ink Pens, 1 Number 2 Pencil, and Pre-work completed.


       I-200 ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents

        Sign-up Closes September 15th
        Division A Headquarters- Franek/IMT3 Staff
            September 23rd                     0800-1630
            September 24th                     0800-1630

    S-131 Advanced Firefighter  

        Sign-Up Closes September 15th (Pre-Work)
        Division A Headquarters- Weber/ Franek
            September 30th                    0800-1630
            October 1st                          0800-1630

    S-219 Firing Operations

        Sign-up Closes October 27th (Pre-Work)
        Division A Headquarters- Efinger/ Saccherio/ NPS Staff
            November 4th                       0800-1630
            November 5th                       0800-1630


    The Following Class is Open to District Fire Wardens Only

    FI-210 Wildland Fire Origin and Cause Determination

        Sign-Up Closes October 20th (Pre-Work)
        Division A Headquarter- VonOesen/ Tonking/ Weber
            October 30th thru November 3rd          0800-1630    


    Long Line Refresher- To Be Announced



    Pack Test- To Be Announced

        Must contact Division A Headquarters to register for any of these.  Reminder after the test you will be doing paperwork, you must bring valid DL, SS card, banking                    information, boots and PPE.

        Kittatinny Valley State Park main entrance on Goodale Rd

    RT-130 Refresher- To Be Announced